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Based on the product effect syncretic Internet innovation integration services
Assisting more powerful brand precision transmission

To create the powerful and rich information based system today,Be building materials household marketing idea and promotion“Conservative”,
However,On the InternetIPThe model has been fundamental changes,“Forest dark flow”Era,The traffic is not visible。
Rui xiang network marketing“Keep is surprising”,In order to exact,To win。From a single network promotion way fully upgraded to cover future marketing matrix,
The implementation“Brand-Transmission-Sales”Link all the demands of marketing promotion platform。

  • Giant mobile phone website-Mobile web site construction
  • Force the giant's website-The website construction
  • Century giants propaganda-Video shooting
  • DE lai treasure books-Image&The picture album
  • Method is handsome-The picture album-Image&The picture album
  • Want to-The annual meeting-Image&The picture album
  • Wanbao-Investment promotion brochures-Image&The picture album
  • Feidiao product brochures-Image&The picture album
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